Lower Columbia

Healing Rooms

Bringing physical, mental, emotional and spiritual healing to the world.

The Lower Columbia Healing Rooms have a vision of bringing healing to the bodies, souls and spirits of the Lower Columbia Valley and beyond. The vision is also to release healing anointing and training to all that want it.

Quick reminder! There will be no Healing Rooms on November 24th, December 22nd, and December 29th. Thank you and Happy Holidays!

What Happens?

The Healing Rooms currently reside in the Rainier Assembly of God church building and operate much like a doctor’s office. When you enter the foyer, you are greeted by one of our team members asked to fill out a form.

In the Prayer Room, you are greeted by the rest of the team (usually three people, made up of both men and women, unless the recipient has requested all male or female or if the prayer request is not appropriate for a mixed team). As the team ministers to you, you can sit or stand and the team doesn’t do anything unusual. They ask permission if they can place hands on the recipient (usually on shoulders, back or hands). Then they pray for the person. This is a friendly, non-judgmental and welcoming environment. We look forward to you joining us!!